Getting To Know Web Development Process

Web Design Malaysia has been growing a lot in the last decade, so there are a lot of web design and development experts in the country. Web design and development projects can get tricky to begin with. Troublesome project can be a financial drain. You need to understand the ins and outs of the project cycle so that you know how to tackle issues on each phase of the project. Below are the phases of web development process and how to avoid issue on each phase.

  • Wireframes or mock-ups

This is a pre-design phase where any new ideas are poured in. There can be a lot of mock-ups in a project, and they would change through design meetings. Although they are mainly rough sketches, but they are very useful tools to use in discussion until everyone involved are satisfied to continue to the real design phase.

  • Design & development phase

After everyone approved of the wireframe or mock-ups, it would be continued to your web designer. They should create realistic display from the wireframe or mock-ups. The result of this phase is not a functional product, it is simply a presentation of how the site would look like visually. After this phase, it would be handed on to the web developer to turn the artwork into functional, test-able web page.

  • Feedback loop

Once the developer has completed turning the design into reality, the tester and users would test the product to ensure everything is aligned with the requirements, and has the right look and feel. It is important that feedback is scheduled so that there is enough time for fixing before the launching date.

  • Go live

That’s it! When everything is done, the site is live and ready to welcome visitors!

The most common issue in a web development process is miscommunication. You need to ensure that everything is well documented or recorded, because people often forget what they said in a meeting, so a documentation is very important to keep communication transparent. Web Design Malaysia follows the correct process to ensure the end result would satisfy the users.